Above & Beyond – Office Relocation.

Company Bio

Above and Beyond are a very active charity raising money and managing funds for Bristol’s city centre hospitals. With over 30+ devices being used daily on the network.


Due to ongoing expansion and the requirement for more space, Above and Beyond needed to relocate from their office before it burst at the seams. Identifying a suitable nearby site to accommodate the expansion, Above and Beyond came to us, as their IT Support provider, to plan and perform the technical aspects of the move.


  • Define requirements
  • Initial target date uncertain
  • Concept drawings only as reference
  • Connect with relevant third-party providers
  • Minimise downtime
  • Implement the defined plan and perform a successful move

The Approach.

As the current IT provider for Above and Beyond, CAB IT Services had a very clear understanding of the requirements for the new premises. To add to our understanding, we discussed futures plans and timescales of growth to ensure we built in the required scalability.

By engaging with third party providers as early as possible to discuss likely timescales we were able to negotiate and coordinate various aspects of the move well in advance of firm timescales being announced. This enabled us to stay well ahead of all lead times allowing for flexibility where necessary.

Constant contact with Above and Beyond throughout ensured that we were in contact with Agents (managing the building works), removal company and Office Furniture providers.

Our goal… to keep as many aspects of the move within our control on moving day as possible.

The Solution.

The early engagement with Third Party providers enabled us to get through the 90-day lead time for Gigabit Fibre Internet installation. This allowed site surveys and required legal documentation (Wayleave) generation to be returned in suitable time frames. To keep costs to a minimum we managed to negotiate a service move from the old premises, saving the £1750 installation fee. The internet transfer went through successfully on moving day.

Working closely with the Agent managing the building elements of the move, we ensured they catered for the network infrastructure required. CAB IT Services provided marked up drawings showing the specifications for them to work from. On completion of works we attended site prior to moving day and ensured everything was as required. We had installed new active networking equipment to implement a fully managed network ready for the move and ordered all necessary equipment and cabling.

All user equipment was unplugged and packed in containers (provided by removal company) at the end of play on the day prior to the move. All labelled per user with the relevant desk number at the new premises.

Moving day started by CAB IT Services powering down and moving servers to the new premises while wireless networking equipment was also installed. The remainder of the move hinged on new desks being built and packed IT equipment arriving old office. The servers were down for only 50 minutes.

With equipment and desks not being available until 2:30 we commenced installing equipment to relevant desks as they became available. With three pairs of hands we installed the 30+ computers and printers with everything fully functional by 7:00pm.

With two members of staff on site for Go Live, we covered off any minor issues or adjustments required.