Perpetual Business & Tax Advisors – Business Acquisition.

Company Bio

Perpetual Business & Tax Advisors offer accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll services, specialising in tax advice.


Perpetual Business & Tax Advisors (Clifton) acquired two accountancy practices simultaneously. Although the desire was to amalgamate IT systems and operate as one business, it was important that, all practices retained their trading identities.


  • Understanding existing systems
  • Connectivity
  • Telecoms
  • Retain Branding
  • Minimise downtime / disruption
  • Amalgamate data / systems

The Approach.

As the current IT provider for Perpetual Business & Tax Advisors, CAB IT Services set to work to design a system to pull the three business together. With the Hanham practice being relatively light on IT functionality this transition was simple, however Keynsham was not so straightforward. An exhaustive investigation of the systems was performed and contact with all third party software providers was established. Recommended systems specs and software move processes were documented.

Identified ongoing cost savings where separate licenses were owned by each practice and could be amalgamated.

Our goal… with future plans not entirely clear a simple and scalable solution was key

The Solution.

With robust, reliable and up to date systems in place in Clifton we decided that introducing a Remote Desktop Server was the most flexible approach but was also the most cost effective by some distance. A Remote Desktop Server catered for the two new offices and the potential for remote workers perfectly.

Email systems and data were amalgamated onto a Hosted Exchange email platform with split domains to retain individual branding.

All exported data and program files were migrated successfully to the existing server with a logical split between the three business. Managed by permissions, retaining control of the access to data was key. Organising the transition with third parties allowed for only 1 days downtime for Keynsham office.

A second phase to the project, involved CAB IT Services providing all connectivity and providing a smooth transition to a VoIP telephone system through the three offices. Not only improving communications through the business this also offered significant cost savings.