Scan Film or Store – WiFi Installation.

Company Bio

Scan Film or Store Limited provide high level document scanning and storage solutions to a wide range of businesses, scanning anything from Engineering documentation through to medical records. All documents are indexed to enable quick retrieval when required.


Scan Film or Store utilises Wi-Fi enabled barcode scanners to log files out of storage, track their progression through the process and scan back into storage. The warehouse environment is constructed over 3 floors in an industrial unit. The storage on each floor is comprised of industrial racking with floor to ceiling shelving where they store boxes of files 2 deep. The layout, floor and shelving construction and nature of the files make it difficult for the existing Wi-Fi signal to be accessed in all areas involving in lost productivity due to the operatives having to move to an area where they could pick up the Wi-Fi signal.


  • Coverage
  • Installation
  • Security

The Approach.

The site was visited by our Wi-Fi specialist who surveyed the premises and constructed a Wi-Fi access point footprint for each floor, maximising signal coverage utilising the access points ability to ‘handover’ devices when they move to an area with a stronger signal.

The Solution.

The installation consisted of Ubiquiti Access Points and POE switch, that enables us to perform numerous tasks remotely therefore reducing downtime in the event of a problem. Once installed the customer tried their devices in all areas required to verify signal reception before the final fix and sign off.

In addition to the warehouse, we installed an Access Point in the office area providing full Wi-Fi coverage encompassing both a Private and Guest network, where the Guest network is ring fenced and controlled by the issuing of time limited vouchers.