Telephones / VoIP.

CAB IT Connect.

CAB IT Connect is a VoIP telephone system hosted within your own private cloud and designed to integrate into your business and IT systems, increase productivity, improve business continuity planning, provides flexibility and functionality while, in many cases, significantly reducing costs.

The software based 3CX system goes beyond simple office telephony including messaging, video conferencing, web meetings and integrates mobile devices allowing you to take your phone system with you. With simplicity in mind, all billed per handset / extension as a fixed monthly fee including all UK Landline and Mobile calls.

Security and management

Our onsite management device (Session Border Controller) ensures that all VoIP traffic is sent through a secure Tunnel to the hosted server, security often overlooked on hosted phone systems and with built in Fraud Protection you can operate with complete peace of mind.

The Session Border Controller also maintains high call quality and manages all telephones enabling CAB IT to make changes to meet your changing requirements

Yes, most numbers can be ported over. You can also choose from a range of 01,02,03 geographic numbers.

You only pay for what you need on a per-user basis and with no hidden costs, CABIT Connect VoIP phone system is ideal for growing companies as communication needs expand.

We use VoIP specific equipment and a Session Border Controller to maintain a high quality of voice calls.

Most installations are completed on the same day. With the information gleaned from our pre-engagement meeting, we configure your system prior to installation to ensure a speedy transition. Our dedicated technical support team will be on hand for any assistance and to ensure a trouble-free installation. Going forward, administration is carried out remotely to ensure minimum inconvenience.